Notes to The Historical Controversies Surrounding Innateness

1. Kirk & Raven (1957), fragment 454, p. 343

2. Kirk & Raven (1957), fragment 538, p. 394

3. The key passages are Meno 80a-86c

4. The key passages are Phaedo 73c-78b

5. The Aristotelian account of perception, thought, and forms grows out of many sources, especially De Anima, iii, chapters 4-7.

6. Enquiry, sec. 2, footnote 1

7. Treatise, 1.1.1. paragraph 10

8. A clear statement of the view can be found in Ayer (1936)

9. Quine (1951) presents this position as a purification of the classical Empiricist stance.

10. Chomsky (1965) forcefully presents the poverty of the stimulus arguments against Empiricist accounts of language acquisition, and sketches a nativistic alternative.

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