Widely Supported HTML 4 and Unicode Characters

General Punctuation Latin Characters Diacritical Marks and Modifiers Greek Characters
Logical Symbols Set Theory Mathematical Symbols Polish, Czech, Slovene, etc.
Miscellaneous Technical General Purpose Symbols Currency Cards
General Punctuation
"""-- quotation mark = apl quote
‘‘-- left single quotation mark
’’-- right single quotation mark
““-- left double quotation mark
””-- right double quotation mark
––-- en dash
——-- em dash
……-- horizontal ellipsis = three dot leader
••-- bullet = black small circle
§§§-- section sign
¶¶-- pilcrow (paragraph sign)
«««-- angle quotation mark, left
»»»-- angle quotation mark, right
‹‹-- single left-pointing angle quotation mark
››-- single right-pointing angle quotation mark
¡¡¡-- inverted exclamation mark
¿¿¿-- inverted question mark
‚‚-- single low-9 quotation mark
„„-- double low-9 quotation mark
††-- dagger
‡‡-- double dagger
  -- en space
  -- em space
  -- thin space
   -- no-break space
Latin Characters
ÀÀÀ-- capital A, grave accent
ÁÁÁ-- capital A, acute accent
ÂÂÂ-- capital A, circumflex accent
ÃÃÃ-- capital A, tilde
ÄÄÄ-- capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark
ÅÅÅ-- capital A, ring
ÆÆÆ-- capital AE diphthong (ligature)
ÇÇÇ-- capital C, cedilla
ÈÈÈ-- capital E, grave accent
ÉÉÉ-- capital E, acute accent
ÊÊÊ-- capital E, circumflex accent
ËËË-- capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark
ÌÌÌ-- capital I, grave accent
ÍÍÍ-- capital I, acute accent
ÎÎÎ-- capital I, circumflex accent
ÏÏÏ-- capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark
ÐÐÐ-- capital Eth, Icelandic
ÑÑÑ-- capital N, tilde
ÒÒÒ-- capital O, grave accent
ÓÓÓ-- capital O, acute accent
ÔÔÔ-- capital O, circumflex accent
ÕÕÕ-- capital O, tilde
ÖÖÖ-- capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark
ØØØ-- capital O, slash
ÙÙÙ-- capital U, grave accent
ÚÚÚ-- capital U, acute accent
ÛÛÛ-- capital U, circumflex accent
ÜÜÜ-- capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark
ÝÝÝ-- capital Y, acute accent
ÞÞÞ-- capital THORN, Icelandic
ßßß-- small sharp s, German (sz ligature)
ààà-- small a, grave accent
ááá-- small a, acute accent
âââ-- small a, circumflex accent
ããã-- small a, tilde
äää-- small a, dieresis or umlaut mark
ååå-- small a, ring
æææ-- small ae diphthong (ligature)
ççç-- small c, cedilla
èèè-- small e, grave accent
ééé-- small e, acute accent
êêê-- small e, circumflex accent
ëëë-- small e, dieresis or umlaut mark
ììì-- small i, grave accent
ííí-- small i, acute accent
îîî-- small i, circumflex accent
ïïï-- small i, dieresis or umlaut mark
ððð-- small eth, Icelandic
ñññ-- small n, tilde
òòò-- small o, grave accent
óóó-- small o, acute accent
ôôô-- small o, circumflex accent
õõõ-- small o, tilde
ööö-- small o, dieresis or umlaut mark
øøø-- small o, slash
ùùù-- small u, grave accent
úúú-- small u, acute accent
ûûû-- small u, circumflex accent
üüü-- small u, dieresis or umlaut mark
ýýý-- small y, acute accent
þþþ-- small thorn, Icelandic
ÿÿÿ-- small y, dieresis or umlaut mark
ŒŒŒ-- latin capital ligature oe
œœœ-- latin small ligature oe
ŠŠŠ-- latin capital lr s with caron
ššš-- latin small r s with caron
ŸŸŸ-- latin capital letter y with diaeresis
Diacritical Marks and Modifiers: Fixed Diacritical Marks
´´´-- acute accent
¨¨¨-- umlaut (dieresis)
¯¯¯-- macron
¸¸¸-- cedilla
ˆˆˆ-- modifier letter circumflex accent
˜˜˜-- small tilde
Diacritical Marks and Modifiers: Modifier Letters
See http://www.alanwood.net/unicode/combining_diacritical_marks.html
See Unicode Code Chart U0300.pdf
ò̀̀-- Combining Grave Accent
ó́́-- Combining Acute Accent
ô̂̂-- Combining Circumflex Accent
õ̃̃-- Combining Tilde
ö̈̈-- Combining Diaeresis
ỏ̉̉-- Combining Hook Above
ő̋̋-- Combining Double Acute Accent
ǒ̌̌-- Combining Caron
Greek Characters
ΑΑΑ-- greek capital letter alpha
ΒΒΒ-- greek capital letter beta
ΓΓΓ-- greek capital letter gamma
ΔΔΔ-- greek capital letter delta
ΕΕΕ-- greek capital letter epsilon
ΖΖΖ-- greek capital letter zeta
ΗΗΗ-- greek capital letter eta
ΘΘΘ-- greek capital letter theta
ΙΙΙ-- greek capital letter iota
ΚΚΚ-- greek capital letter kappa
ΛΛΛ-- greek capital letter lambda
ΜΜΜ-- greek capital letter mu
ΝΝΝ-- greek capital letter nu
ΞΞΞ-- greek capital letter xi
ΟΟΟ-- greek capital letter omicron
ΠΠΠ-- greek capital letter pi
ΡΡΡ-- greek capital letter rho
ΣΣΣ-- greek capital letter sigma
ΤΤΤ-- greek capital letter tau
ΥΥΥ-- greek capital letter upsilon
ΦΦΦ-- greek capital letter phi
ΧΧΧ-- greek capital letter chi
ΨΨΨ-- greek capital letter psi
ΩΩΩ-- greek capital letter omega
ααα-- greek small letter alpha
βββ-- greek small letter beta
γγγ-- greek small letter gamma
δδδ-- greek small letter delta
εεε-- greek small letter epsilon
ζζζ-- greek small letter zeta
ηηη-- greek small letter eta
θθθ-- greek small letter theta
ιιι-- greek small letter iota
κκκ-- greek small letter kappa
λλλ-- greek small letter lambda
μμμ-- greek small letter mu
ννν-- greek small letter nu
ξξξ-- greek small letter xi
οοο-- greek small letter omicron
πππ-- greek small letter pi
ρρρ-- greek small letter rho
ςςς-- greek small letter final sigma
σσσ-- greek small letter sigma
τττ-- greek small letter tau
υυυ-- greek small letter upsilon
φφφ-- greek small letter phi
χχχ-- greek small letter chi
ψψψ-- greek small letter psi
ωωω-- greek small letter omega
Logical Symbols
≠≠-- not equal to
&&&-- ampersand
¬¬¬-- not sign
∼∼-- tilde operator = varies with = similar to
→→-- rightwards arrow
←←-- leftwards arrow
↔↔-- left right arrow
≡≡-- identical to
∀∀-- for all
∃∃-- there exists
□-- box = necessarily
◊◊-- lozenge = possibly
⇒⇒-- rightwards double arrow
⇔⇔-- left right double arrow
∴∴-- therefore
⊥⊥-- up tack = orthogonal to = perpendicular
Set Theory
∈∈-- element of
∋∋-- contains as member
∩∩-- intersection = cap
∪∪-- union = cup
⊂⊂-- subset of
⊃⊃-- superset of
⊆⊆-- subset of or equal to
⊇⊇-- superset of or equal to
Mathematical Symbols
−−-- minus sign
±±±-- plus-or-minus sign
×××-- multiply sign
÷÷÷-- divide sign
<&lt;&#60;-- less-than sign
>&gt;&#62;-- greater-than sign
&le;&#8804;-- less-than or equal to
&ge;&#8805;-- greater-than or equal to
¼&frac14;&#188;-- fraction one-quarter
½&frac12;&#189;-- fraction one-half
¾&frac34;&#190;-- fraction three-quarters
¹&sup1;&#185;-- superscript one
²&sup2;&#178;-- superscript two
³&sup3;&#179;-- superscript three
°&deg;&#176;-- degree sign
·&middot;&#183;-- middle dot
ƒ&fnof;&#402;-- latin small f with hook = function = florin
&prime;&#8242;-- prime = minutes = feet
&Prime;&#8243;-- double prime = seconds = inches
&oline;&#8254;-- overline = spacing overscore
&frasl;&#8260;-- fraction slash
&part;&#8706;-- partial differential
&sum;&#8721;-- n-ary sumation
&nabla;&#8711;-- nabla = backward difference
&radic;&#8730;-- square root = radical sign
&prop;&#8733;-- proportional to
&infin;&#8734;-- infinity
&ang;&#8736;-- angle
&int;&#8747;-- integral
&asymp;&#8776;-- almost equal to = asymptotic to
&oplus;&#8853;-- circled plus = direct sum
&permil;&#8240;-- per mille sign
Polish, Czech, Slovene, etc
Ą&#260;&#260;-- upper case A ogonek
ą&#261;&#261;-- lower case a ogonek
Ć&#262;&#262;-- upper case C acute
ć&#263;&#263;-- lower case c acute
Ę&#280;&#280;-- upper case E ogonek
ę&#281;&#281;-- lower case e ogonek
Ł&#321;&#321;-- upper case L slash
ł&#322;&#322;-- lower case l slash
Ń&#323;&#323;-- upper case N acute
ń&#324;&#324;-- lower case n acute
Ś&#346;&#346;-- upper case S acute
ś&#347;&#347;-- lower case s acute
Ź&#377;&#377;-- upper case Z acute
ź&#378;&#378;-- lower case z acute
Ż&#379;&#379;-- upper case Z dot
ż&#380;&#380;-- lower case z dot
Č&#268;&#268;-- upper case C caron
č&#269;&#269;-- lower case c caron
Ř&#344;&#344;-- upper case R caron
ř&#345;&#345;-- lower case r caron
Š&#352;&#352;-- upper case S caron
š&#353;&#353;-- lower case s caron
Ž&#381;&#381;-- upper case Z caron
ž&#382;&#382;-- lower case r caron
Miscellaneous Technical
&uarr;&#8593;-- upwards arrow
&darr;&#8595;-- downwards arrow
General Purpose Symbols
ª&ordf;&#170;-- ordinal indicator, feminine
º&ordm;&#186;-- ordinal indicator, masculine
¦&brvbar;&#166;-- broken (vertical) bar
©&copy;&#169;-- copyright sign
®&reg;&#174;-- registered sign
&trade;&#8482;-- trade mark sign
µ&micro;&#181;-- micro sign
¢&cent;&#162;-- cent sign
£&pound;&#163;-- pound sterling sign
¤&curren;&#164;-- general currency sign
¥&yen;&#y165;-- yen sign
&euro;&#8364;-- euro sign
Playing Cards
&spades;&#9824;-- black spade suit
&clubs;&#9827;-- black club suit = shamrock
&hearts;&#9829;-- black heart suit = valentine
&diams;&#9830;-- black diamond suit