Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Special Symbols Not Widely Supported

Logical Symbols

Symbol Name Symbol Name Symbol Name
vel.jpg wedge.jpg preceq.gif
models.gif not-models.gif proves.gif
not-proves.gif Diamond.gif Box.gif
therefore.gif perp.gif top.gif
uc-leftarrow.gif fishhook.gif vertical-bar11.gif
langl11.jpg rangl11.jpg cong.jpg
calM.jpg calS.gif calF.jpg
l-corner-quote.gif r-corner-quote.gif succ.jpg
dproves.jpg dproves.jpg strict-preceq.jpg

Mathematical Symbols

Symbol Name Symbol Name Symbol Name
not-in.jpg nullset.gif bigcup.jpg
bigcap.gif bigwedge.jpg bigvee.jpg
calP.gif aleph.jpg real.gif
Num.gif otimes.jpg mapsto.gif
circ.gif hbar.jpg cdot.gif
frak-I.gif calH.gif bold-calR.gif
calR.gif calA.jpg calB.jpg

Note: Authors who need other special symbols for their entry should send email to the Editors.