Dag Westerståhl
Curriculum Vitae

Personal and Professional

Date and place of birth: January 5, 1946, Stockholm, Sweden.

B.A. (`Fil. Kand.'), Göteborg University, 1967 (Philosophy, Mathematics).
Ph.D., Göteborg University, 1977 (Theoretical Philosophy).
Docent, Göteborg University, 1983 (Theoretical Philosophy).

Professional record
1978-84 Assistant Professor (`forskarassistent') of Practical and Theoretical Philosophy, Göteborg University.
1984-88 Associate Professor (lecturer) of Philosophy, Göteborg University.
1985-86 Visiting Research Associate, Stanford University.
1988-98 Associate Professor of Theoretical Philosophy, Stockholm University.
1991-96 Researcher, Philosophy of Language, Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSFR).
1998- Professor of Theoretical Philosophy, Göteborg University.

1996-2001 Managing Editor, Journal of Logic, Language and Information.
1988-2002 Secretary, Swedish National Committee for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science.
2003- President, Swedish National Committee for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science.
1999- Secretary General, International Union for History and Philosophy of Science, Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (IUHPS/DLMPS).
2001- Member, ASL Council.

Visiting Scholar
Bielefeld, Stanford, Amsterdam, Bologna, Tokyo, Helsinki.

Invited conference addresses, summer school courses, and guest lectures
Groningen, Edinburgh, Siedlce (Poland), Amherst (Massachusetts), Oiso (Japan), Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stanford, Leuven, Saarbrücken, Lisbon, Tokyo, Florence, Bologna, Warsaw, Asilomar (California), Bloomington, Tbilisi, Tübingen, Stuttgart, Dublin, Paris, UCLA, Rutgers.

Selected Publications

On determiners, in Abstracts from the 7th Int. Congress of Logic, Methodology and Phil. of Science, vol. 2, Salzburg, 1983, 223-226.

Some results on quantifiers, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 25 (1984), 152-170.

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On mathematical proofs of the vacuity of compositionality, Linguistics and Philosophy 21 (1998), 635-643.

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On the compositional extension problem, 2003, to appear in Journal of Philosophical Logic.

Edited volumes

Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 61(1), special issue from LMPS'91 (with Dag Prawitz), 1993, 102 pp.

Logic and Philosophy of Science in Uppsala (with Dag Prawitz), Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1994, ix + 610 pp.

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Logic, Language and Computation, vol. 1 (with Jerry Seligman), CSLI Publications, Stanford, 1996, vii + 590 pp.

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Compositionality, special issue of Journal of Logic, Language and Information (with Peter Pagin), 2001, 140 pp.