Notes to Roger Bacon

1. [WFB] III, 534: “Si quidem utile genus eorum est, qui de theoriis non admodum socciciti, mechanica quadam subtilitate rerum inventarum extensions prehendunt; qualis est Bacon.”

2. Rosier 1994 is a very careful and thorough treatment of early and later Bacon on grammar, logic, semantics, and semiotics.

3. Augustine, De dialectica (86): “Signum est quod se ipsum demonstrat sensui et aliquid derelinquit intellectui.”

4. Augustine, De doctrina Christiana (pars iv, 2): “Signum est enim res praeter speciem, quam ingerit sensibus, aliud aliquid ex se faciens in cogitationem venire….”. See also Marmo 1997.

5. [DS], 81-86. I have used the two different classifications from Rosier (1997) and Maloney (1983) and combined them.

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