Notes to Johann Sturm

1. Concerning Sturm’s biography see Gaab, Leich, & Löffladt 2004; Hermann & Platz 2003; Will 1757; Zedler 1731–1754; and Doppelmayr 1730, but see also the “Early Modern and Post-Kantian reception” of Sturm in the bibliography as well as the related entries in the German-speaking secondary literature listed in the bibliography.

2. For Sturm’s scientific method, see also Albrecht (in Gaab et al. 2004), and Blackwell (1997). For Sturm’s three-step process, see also Albrecht (1994: 347) and Albrecht, in Gaab et al. (2004: 132).

3. For Sturm’s eclecticism, see especially Albrecht (1994), but also Ahnert (2003), Albrecht (2001), and Blackwell (1995 & 1997).

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