Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Special Symbols

Authors composing entries for the SEP sometimes need to make use of special symbols which are not found in the standard ASCII character set. Many of these special symbols are now widely supported in web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. We have done some testing and have established the a list of "safe" symbols which you can find at the following link:

Widely Supported HTML4 and Unicode Characters
For those symbols which are not widely supported, authors should use the following graphic images of the characters:

Special Symbols Not Widely Supported

Logical Symbols

Symbol Name Symbol Name Symbol Name
vel vel.jpg wedge wedge.jpg preceq preceq.gif
models models.gif not-models not-models.gif proves proves.gif
not-proves not-proves.gif Diamond Diamond.gif Box Box.gif
therefore therefore.gif perp perp.gif top top.gif
Leftarrow uc-leftarrow.gif fishhook fishhook.jpg vertical-bar11 vertical-bar11.gif
langl11 langl11.jpg rangl11 rangl11.jpg cong cong.jpg
calM calM.jpg calS calS.jpg calF calF.jpg
l-corner-quote l-corner-quote.gif r-corner-quote r-corner-quote.gif succ succ.jpg
dproves dproves.jpg not-dproves not-dproves.jpg prec prec.jpg
rhd rhd.gif varphi varphi.jpg succeq succeq.jpg

Mathematical Symbols

Symbol Name Symbol Name Symbol Name
not-in not-in.jpg nullset nullset.gif bigcup bigcup.jpg
bigcap bigcap.gif bigwedge bigwedge.jpg bigvee bigvee.jpg
calP calP.jpg aleph aleph.jpg real real.gif
Num Num.gif otimes otimes.jpg mapsto mapsto.jpg
circ circ.jpg hbar hbar.jpg cdot cdot.gif
frak-I frak-I.jpg calH calH.gif bold-calR bold-calR.gif
calR calR.gif calA calA.jpg calB calB.jpg
nearrow nearrow.jpg searrow searrow.jpg Re Re.jpg
frak-A frak-A.jpg calC.jpg calC.jpg

Note: Authors who need other special symbols for their entry should send email to the Editors.