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Annotated Bibliography on Analysis
§6: Conceptions of Analysis in Analytic Philosophy

This bibliography is intended as a reference guide to the key works that deal, in whole or in part, with analysis and related topics such as analyticity and definition. Cross-references are by name(s) of author(s) or editor(s) and either year of publication or abbreviation as indicated immediately after their name(s). Notes in square brackets at the end of an entry indicate the relevant part(s) of the work and/or its significance to the topic of analysis. This section of the bibliography corresponds to Section 6 of the main entry, and is divided into subsections which correspond to the subsections of the supplementary document on Conceptions of Analysis in Analytic Philosophy. Where works include important material under more than one heading, they are cited under each heading; but duplication has been kept to a minimum. Cross-references to other (sub)sections are provided in curly brackets.

Annotated Bibliography on Analysis: Full List of Sections

6.1 General

6.2 Frege

6.3 Russell

6.4 Moore

6.5 Wittgenstein

6.6 The Cambridge School of Analysis

6.7 Carnap and Logical Positivism

6.8 Oxford Linguistic Philosophy

6.9 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy

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