Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Notes to August Wilhelm von Schlegel

1. All my references to or quotations of A.W. Schlegel are from one of the following six sources: (1) 1798–1800, Athenaeum, 3 vols. [=A], (Co-editor with Friedrich Schlegel), Berlin: Vieweg (vol. 1), Berlin: Frölich (vols. 2 and 3); reprinted in 1989, Dortmund : Harenberg. (2) 1815, A Course of Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature [=LDA], translated by John Black and A. J. W. Morrison, London: George Bell and Sons; reprinted in 1846, London: H.G. Bohn; revised edition in 1894,reprinted in 1973, New York: AMS Press and 2004, Whitefish, MT: Kessinger; (3) 1828, Kritische Schriften, 2 vols. [= KS], Berlin: Reimer; (4) 1846–1848, Sämtliche Werke [=SW], edited by Edouard Böcking, 16 vols., Leipzig: Weidmann; reprinted in 1971–72, Hildesheim: Neudruck Verlag Olms. (5) 1884, Vorlesungen über schöne Literatur und Kunst, edited by Jakob Minor, 3 vols. [=1884], Heilbronn: Henningen; reprinted in 1968, Nendeln; Liechtenstein: Kraus. (6) 1820–30, Indische Bibliothek, [= IB], 3 vols., Bonn: Weber. In the case of a quotation from the German, the translation is mine.

2. This translation avoids the standard translation of Anschauung as intuition, because the latter does not capture the German meaning, which is less intellectual and more physiological than an ‘intuition’, especially if one were to think of it in a Cartesian way.